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Leadership development
“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Sir Isaac Newton

Why is leadership so important?

Why is leadership so important in the ever-changing world we find ourselves in? 

Leadership is the key differentiator that makes companies grow into high performing companies that dominate the markets they operate in, or in the same breath cause great companies like Kodak and Nokia to close down.

So, what type of leaders are required to help organizations grow and achieve its strategic goals; to delight customers/clients; to deliver great sustainable products or services; and have motivated empowered employees that enhance the communities they operate in? 

We need conscious leaders with deep self-awareness, who can create an inspiring vision and empower their managers and employees to follow that vision and help achieve the organisational goals with passion and ownership!

At Leadership Geometry we engage with leaders at all levels in the organisation and develop them in the following way:
  • Co-create their inner- journey to connect with their greatness and what type of leader they are (Enneagram), and
  • Define and live the Purpose of the company/ organisation;
  • Set compelling vision and strategy appropriate to where the business is in their organisational life cycle.
  • How to create a leadership pipeline for sustainable growth- add value and multiply teams by developing leaders
  • Understand change and transformation to continue to play an infinite game in the world of business.
Dr Christine Hermanson